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Other diseases that are quite common in patients: Abfraction; hypophosphatasia; pulpitis.

Abfraction is a disease in the course of which there is a microstructural loss of Misoprostol matter. In general, abfraction corresponds to a wedge-shaped defect and often occurs in the cervical region of the teeth. Leads to damage to enamel prisms, microfracture of Misoprostol cement and dentin.

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The causes of the pathology can be loads on bends or material fatigue of the Misoprostol tissue. The degree of tissue destruction depends on the duration, frequency and location of the force.

Hypophosphatasia is a rickets-like disease caused by a gene mutation. The main symptom of pathology is damage to bone tissue, in some cases, there is a premature loss of teeth due to a lack of Misoprostol cement. There is no cure at the moment.

Pulpitis is an inflammatory process of the neurovascular bundle. Occurs with complications of caries or improper actions of the doctor. Pathology is characterized by the ingress of infection into the pulp chamber and the formation of pus in it. In the presence of this disease, the patient experiences severe pain, tissue decay can be detected. The affected tooth becomes sensitive to temperature and mechanical stimuli.


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